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   26 MAY 2024

Central Directorate of National Savings is inviting applications for the vacant posts. For more details please visit Jobs Advertisement page. Vacant posts for BPS 11-14: For Advertisement in English please click here. For Advertisement in Urdu please click here. Please visit and register AS A JOB SEEKER. A printed/Signed copy of Application form may be sent to the address mentioned below. Vacant Posts for BPS 1-4: For Advertisement Please click here. For Downloading form please click here. Candidates applying for the post from BPS 1-4 please send the fill in form on the address mentioned: Central Directorate of National Savings, 23-N, Savings House, G-6 Markaz, Islamabad within 15 days of Advertisement.


National Savings as it stands today is one of the primeval institutions in the country with a legacy of more than 140 years that came into existence with the promulgation of Government Savings Bank Act in 1873.


To promote and inculcate the habit of thrift for mobilization of Savings. To be the preferred institution for small savers in facilitating the objective of financial inclusion and extending social security net to all the deserving section of society.

New initiatives

Given the effectiveness and net benefits of these initiatives, the idea of institutionalizing the savings culture was materialized by setting up a National Savings…

National Savings


National Savings

Upcoming Initiatives

Launch of Digital Prize Bonds:

Soon CDNS will offer Digital Prize Bonds as well and the prize money will be directly credited to customers’ account. This will reduce expenditure on stationary and printing. It will also create ease for customers’ as there will not be a need to keep the prize bonds in a safe custody as required currently with paper based prize bonds.

Scrip-less Issuance of National Savings Certificates and Integration with CDC:

CDNS is moving towards fully digitized environment where scrip-less savings certificates...

Mobile Application:

CDNS has developed Financial Mobile Application in order to bring efficiency, reduce use of paper and facilitate in providing services to the public at their door step. Soon the customers will be offered following services through mobile application 1. Interbank Funds Transfer 2. Bills Payments etc.. 3. Mobile Top-up

SMS-Email Alert Services:

SMS and Email alerts to customers for information regarding their account statement and status of profit are under process and will be available soon.

National Savings

Featured offers and services

National Savings


• Nationwide Acceptability: CDNS Debit Card is acceptable at over 12,000 ATMs and over 50,000 POS (Point of Sale) locations nationwide.


Pakistan's Instant Payment System

CDNS attained membership of State Bank of Pakistan’s Instant Payment System - RAAST for disbursement of profit of National Savings Schemes (NSS) in May, 2022. The instant payment system (RAAST) is currently available for settlement of payments only whereas, CDNS now intends to progress a step further by accounting for receipts through P2P transactions under RAAST as well. For that matter, CDNS has completed all the system level requirements, and the requisite module in the Core Business Application (CBA) has been developed. As of today, around 20,000 transactions have been executed through RAAST, and disbursements worth Rs. 16 billion have been made. CDNS’ technical team along with its IT consultant has finalized the testing for RAAST with SBP, and is currently in final stages of Market rehearsal for P2P incoming payments.

National Savings


The Director General National Savings, Mr. Hamid Raza Khalid inaugurated First ever Exclusive Women National Savings Centre in Abpara Islamabad.

Shariah Compliant Product

CDNS is lacking in this very important segment of financial sector. To have its presence in Islamic Finance Sector, CDNS floated an RFP on 11-06-2017 to seek Shariah Advisory Services for establishing its Shariah Compliant Saving product.
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