National Savings


Nationwide Acceptability:

CDNS Debit Card is acceptable at over 12,000 ATMs and over 50,000 POS (Point of Sale) locations nationwide.

Access Cash Anytime:

Instantly withdraw cash through and 1Link ATM in Pakistan using your CDNS Debit Card. There is no need to visit branch to withdraw cash.

Shopping Convenience:

Enjoy the convenience of shopping with your CDNS Debit Card without the hassle of carrying cash. Use your Debit Card to pay for groceries, fuel, dining, clothing, pharmacies, electronics, airline tickets and much more.

Funds Transfer:

Transfer funds instantly from your bank account number to CDNS account.

Bill Payment:

It will be available in future. You will be able to pay utility bills, phone bill, and government payment through CDNS IVR services.

Safe & Secure:

All transactions are safe and secure as they require a PIN to process whether conducted on ATM or POS.

Online/E-Commerce Usage:

Shop online with your CDNS Debit Card with ease and convenience (Local Stores/Merchants only).

24-Hour Support:

Call our 24-Houes Contact Center at 111-267-268, 051-9226635, 051-9215741 for support related to your CDNS Debit Card.

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