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Shariah Compliant Product

Shariah Compliant Product:

Well-cognizant of the need, Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS) is fully committed to structure and offer investment avenues which are fully compliant to the principles of Sharia. As a first step towards the objective, and in view of the long outstanding desire of public to have a Sharia compliant investment avenue, CDNS has launched a dedicated Islamic window, named as Rafa National Savings (RNS). RNS is being established to offer Sharia Compliant savings solutions to the public, thereby promoting interest (Riba) free savings and investments opportunities.

Rafa National Savings is a separate and independent Islamic window of CDNS. It works under the guidance of Shariah board lead by esteemed and renowned members and governed by a robust Sharia governance framework.

Products offered by Rafa National Savings:

The following Shariah compliant products are being offered

1-            Sarwa Islamic Savings Account (SISA)

2-            Sarwa Islamic Term Account (SITA) – 1 year

3-            Sarwa Islamic Term Account (SITA) – 3 years

4-            Sarwa Islamic Term Account (SITA) – 5 years

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