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Starting Date


Profit Payment Frequency

Monthly Basis

Investment Limit

Min.10,000, Max 5,000,000


Family members of martyr ,Pakistani citizen

Shuhadas Family Welfare Account (SFWA) introduced in 2018 is to benefit the families of Shuhadas of Armed Forces,Law Enforcement and civilians to invest in ways to provide maximum social security net to the deserving segment of society. The basket of specialized National Savings Scheme will now cover senior citizen, pensioner, widows, physically challenged persons and family members of the Shuhada.

Who Can Invest?

Shuhdas Family Welfare Account can be opened by eligible family member of martyr,who is citizen of pakistan.

How to Invest?

The Shuhdas Family Welfare Account can be opened at any National Savings Centre (NSC) by filling  DA-I (Application Form), available free of cost from all  issuing offices.

Documents Required with the Application Form

Adult Pakistanis

  • A copy of the Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)

Overseas Pakistanis

  • A copy of National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP)


  • A copy of Form B or Child Registration Certificate (CRC) along with CNIC of guardian appointed by competent court of law.
  • In Case of  Civilians:
  • Certificate by concerned Assistant Comissioner or Deputy Comissioner or any other authority notified by the Government,as the case may be,to the extent that :
  • Death of the Civilian is due to the terrorist attack ;and the deceased has been compensated or, as the case may be, not compensated by the Federal or Provincial Government,local Government or any other authority or Government;
  • In Case of Personnel of Armed Forces, paramilitary forces, law- enforcement agencies, Civilian Forces;
  • Certificate of martyrdom by the concerned department; and any other document as required by the Director General
Mode of Deposit

Cash/ Cross Cheque/Bank Draft/ Pay-Order or such other instruments accepted for financial transactions  However, in case of deposit through cash, the Account shall be opened immediately on the same date, whereas, in case of deposit through cheque/ draft/ pay-order, the Account shall be opened from the date of the realization of such cheque/ draft/ pay-order after receipt of realization advice.

Investment Limit
  • Minimum: Rs.10000/-
  • Maximum investment limit : 5000000/-
  • Only one Account can be opened by an eligible family member.
Withdrawal of Deposit

The account holder may withdraw the principal amount of his account at any time through withdrawlslip issued for the purpose of principal withdrawal.

Rate of Return/Profit rates

Profit shall  be calculated on daily balances maintained in a calender month and shall be payable on or after the first day of next calender month,in accordance with such rate as the Finance Division may notify  in the official Gazette from time to time for the purpose,a savings account shall be mandatory for credit of monthly profit. 

For rates click here.

Tax & Zakat


Profit on the account shall be exempt from deduction of withholding tax in accordance with the applicable law.


The rules relating to deduction of Zakat  on the Behbood Savings Certificates shall apply to Shuhada Family Welfare Account wherein no zakat is deductible.