Overseas Pakistanis Facilitation Desk

Overseas Facilitation Officer

Name of the Head/Incumbent officer: Mr. Muhammad Imran

Designation: Joint Director (BPS-19)

Official Phone Number: 051-9205114

Place/Location of Officer: Directorate of Inspection & Audit NS, Islamabad

Email: overseasdesk@savings.gov.pk

Web Page: www.savings.gov.pk

Facilitation Desk for Overseas Pakistanis at RDNS

The office of the Assistant Director (HQ), Regional Directorate of National Savings (RDNS) situated at 12 stations in Pakistan have been nominated as focal at RDNS. http://savings.gov.pk/wp-content/uploads/list-of-focal-persons.pdf

Officers for Facilitation for Overseas Pakistanis at NSCs

The Officer Incharge of 374 National Savings Centers (NSCs) across Pakistan have been nominated at NSCs as the list attached. http://savings.gov.pk/wp-content/uploads/Officers-for-Overseas-Pakistanis-Facilitation-at-NScs.pdf