National Institutional Facilitation Technologies (NIFT) FAQs

Yes, you can get the profit for Savings Account, Pensioners’ Benefit Account & Bahbood Savings Certificates transferred into any scheduled / commercial bank account across Pakistan directly.

You will be given this option at the time of investment, if you wish to avail this option, withdrawal slip book for your account will be stamped with the NSC name and specified code. You will present the withdrawal slip duly filled in all respected and signed of your account at the counter of any commercial bank/scheduled bank in Pakistan to receive your accrued profit.

Yes, for this purpose you will have to get the withdrawal slip book for your account stamped with the NSC Name and specified code from the NSC concerned.

Clearing time for Nation Savings instruments is one day for clearing within city and 3 days for clearing for outstation National Savings Centres.