Focal Person- Wafaqi Mohtasib

Any person who may be aggrieved by an action (Decision, Process, Recommendation, Omission, etc.) of National Savings can contact the focal person for the Honorable Wafaqi Mohtasib:

  • For Pension Cases:
  • Mr. Kamran Anwar, Director (HR), CDNS, Islamabad Tel: 051-9215755
  • For Complaints
  • Miss. Maryam Batool, Joint Director (V&M), CDNS, Islamabad Tel: 051-9215754
  • Focal Person Under Section 10 of Right of Access to Information Act 2017
  • Mr. Muhammad Imran, Joint Director (Directorate Of Inspection & Audit), National Savings, Islamabad Tel: 051-9205114

For Registering Complaints at the”Online Complaint Registeration System” Please click the link below: