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Profile - Muhammad Rafique Sheikh​​

Muhammad Rafique Sheikh

Director Operations


Central Directorate of National Savings


Executive Team

About Muhammad Rafique Sheikh

  • To recommend Operational and IT policy level matters to department
  • To access and meet the ICT needs of the department
  • To perform R&D for preparing the different proposals/Projects
  • To Monitor and arrange to provide necessary guidance/support for computerized Operation in the field
  • To coordinate among all stack holders related to computerization Like Mof, planning Commission, different sections/offices of CDNS i.e. Admin, Scheme, Legal, DIA, Regional offices and with the IT Market stack holders etc
  • To facilitate CDNS for the provision of technical requirements, specifications for any HW&CI related activity like procurement
  • To look after the operations at computerized NSCs of CDNS and to provide support/guidance/training for its sustainability
  • To provide Technical Guidance /Training to project Team to make it successful
  • Several other related activities