Premium Prize Bond Registered FAQs

Premium prize bond is newly launched national savings scheme where investor can earn prize money as well as profit.

Presently, only one denomination of Rs. 40,000 Premium Prize Bond is in circulation and others are in the pipeline.

Profit rate of premium prize bond is 3.33% bi-annual.

Prize bond registered in the name of investor that’s why called premium Prize bond registered.

Four quarterly prize money draws in a year.

Any Pakistani Individuals, Public and Private Sector Institutions except Banks, Insurance Companies and Mutual funds.

No, application Forms required for claiming prize money, prize money directly credit to investor bank account.

No, application forms required for claiming profit earned from premium prize bond. The profit is directly credit to investor bank account.

Yes, premium prize bond is transferable.

Yes, premium prize bond is pledge able.

No, there is no limit in investment and tenure

Can be purchased through Cash, Cheque, Pay-Order and Bank Draft from offices of the State Bank of Pakistan Banking-Services Corporations (SBP-BSC)

  • Copy of CNIC
  • Account Maintenance Certificate (A/C title, IBAN Number, status of A/C , Bank & Branch Name)
  • Tax Certificate in case of Filer
  • CNIC details of the Nominee

are required at the time of premium prize bond purchase.

Senior citizens and female applicants are requested to please contact the Counter Official without waiting for their turn as special.

No, there are two types of form one for individual and second for corporate.

Yes, WHT is applicable on profit as well as prize money.

Premium prize bond is exempted from Zakat

Highest Prize of the premium prize bond is Rs. 80 million.