Regular Income Certificate FAQs

All Pakistani Nationals, nonresident Pakistanis, and foreign Nationals can purchase Regular Income Certificate.

Maturity period of Regular Income Certificate is 05 years.

RICs are available in the denominations of Rs. 50,000/-, Rs. 100,000/-, Rs. 500,000/-, Rs. 1,000,000/, Rs. 5,000,000/-, Rs. 10,000,000/-

Profit is paid on monthly basis started from the date of issue of certificates.

RIC can be purchased by depositing cash/cheque/ draft/ pay-order at the Issuing Office.

Yes, minimum deposit limit is 50,000 rupees but no limit in maximum investment

RIC can be encashed any time after issuance subject to the deduction of service charges If enchased before completion of 1, 2, 3 and 4 years from the date of issue: then 2 %,1.50%, 1%, and 0.50% service charges of the face value shall be deducted. There will no service charges after the completion of 4 years.

Yes, taxes are applicable on RIC.

  • Filers: 10% of the yield/ profit
  • Non-Filers: 17.5% of the yield/ profit; however, the rate shall be 10% if the yield or profit paid is less than Rs. 500,000/-.

Any investment made in RIC shall be exempt from compulsory deduction of Zakat at source.


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