The Federal Government has changed the rates of return on various National Savings Schemes (NSS) w.e.f. 01-Apr-2016. The new profit rates have been updated at the website. For more information please click ...Profit Rates

   The Federal Government is pleased to withdraw from circulation, the Prize Bonds bearing number and series AW-070001/- to AW-090000/- of the denomination of fifteen hundred rupees (Rs.1500/-). The said prize bonds shall not be eligible for encashment or claim of prizes in the draws to be held subsequent to issuance of this notification. No. F.16(3)GS-I/2004/678 Dated 19th May, 2014...


   Withholding Tax on Profit

Withholding Tax shall be deducted at source whene applicable as per Law.

   Withhodling Tax on Prize Money

The rate of withholding tax on prize money shall be 15% for the prizes won on or after 01-07-2013.

   National Savings Bond profit payment. Read more

   The Federal Institutional Investment in National Savings Schemes.Notification

    The Federal Government has changed the Amount/Number of prizes on various prize bonds w.e.f   15 - 02 - 2009. For more information please click here



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