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63rd Draw of Rs.15,000 Prize Bond dated 02-07-2015 held at Hyderabad. [Click here for Details] Profit Rates on various National Savings Schemes has been revised w.e.f. 01-06-2015. [Click here for Details] The Federal Government is pleased to withdraw from circulation, the Prize Bonds bearing number and series AW-070001/- to AW-090000/- of the denomination of fifteen hundred rupees (Rs.1500/-). The said prize bonds shall not be eligible for encashment or claim of prizes in the draws to be held subsequent to issuance of this notification. No. F.16(3)GS-I/2004/678 Dated 19th May, 2014 [Click here for Details] THANKS FOR THE NATION. Historical Achievement of CDNS ''A Strong Precedent for Developing Countries'' National Savings has witnessed first time in the history of CDNS a positive cash flow of PKR 117 Billion (Total Investment of 1014.9 Billion-Repayments of PKR 629.9 Billion = Net Investment of PKR 385 Billion - Debt Servicing of PKR 268 Billion = Cash Flow of PKR 117 Billion) during fiscal year 2012-13, this has obviously lessened the Fiscal Pressure on Government of Pakistan. Cost Effectiveness of National Savings can be witnessed from Monitory Policy prepared by the State Bank of Pakistan wherein Debt servicing cost on National Savings has been reduced by 16.2% despite 15% increase in Portfolio during last fiscal year 2012-13, on the contrary Debt servicing in PIBs and T-Bills has been increased by 44.1% and 39.4% respectively with almost same portfolio increase as observed in National Savings. [Click here for Details] Exemption of deduction of Withholding tax has been withdrawn w.e.f 01-07-2013 on profit of investment upto Rs.150,000/- in Defence Savings Certificates, Special Savings Certificates/Accounts, Savings Accounts, Short Term Savings Certificates and National Savings Bonds. [Click here for Details] The rate of withholding tax on prize money shall be 15% for the prizes won on or after 01-07-2013 [Click here for Details] Investment from Abroad [For detail click here]



The history of National Savings Organization dates back to the year 1873 when the Government Savings Bank Act, 1873 was promulgated.During the first world war, the British Government introduced several Schemes for collection of funds to meet the expenditure. It was in this context that the Post Office Cash Certificates and, during the second world war, Post Office Defence Savings Certificates were floateds


" Thrift as a national asset is going to play an important part in the building up of the state. So save and invest in Pakistan saving certificates "

.QUAID-I-AZAM, Muhammad ali jinnah


Mr. Waqar Ahmad
Director General

Central Directorate of National Savings,
23-N, Savings House, G-6 Markaz,
Civic Centre, Islamabad.
Ph. # 051-9215741-50, Fax 051-9215761

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