General FAQs

Yes, the investment made in NSS is fully guaranteed by the Government of Pakistan.

Application Form, available free of cost from all NSCs.

Documents Required along with Application Form

Adult Pakistanis

A copy of the Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)

Overseas Pakistanis

A copy of National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) or Pakistan Origin Card (POC)


A copy of Form B or Child Registration Certificate (CRC) as issued by NADRA

Institutional Investors

An attested copy of NTN Certificate or Institutional Registration Certificate (IRC).

Foreign Nationals

A copy of the Passport

Cash/cheque/ draft/ pay-order are the standard modes of investments.

The National Savings Schemes provide the facility of joint investment for two persons. There are two different types, i.e. Joint-A and Joint-B. In the case of Joint-A deposits, the encashment is payable to the holders jointly or to either with the written consent of the other. In the case of Joint-B, either of the investors can withdraw/ encash the profit principal under his/ her own signature.

Investment from abroad can be made through Bank Draft/ Cheque in any foreign currency in favor of any of our office(s) along with the Application Form duly filled in and the copies of Passport/ CNIC/NICOP/POC. Clearance period for the Bank Drafts prepared in Pak Rupee from abroad is shorter than that of the ones in foreign currency. It would be more appropriate if it is payable in the same city where the investment is intended to be made.

The investment in the NSS is maintained and expressed in Pak Rupee only. Amount received in foreign currency is converted into Pak Rupee on the prevailing official exchange rate through normal banking channels for investment in National Savings Schemes. Moreover, the principal and profit accrued on a certificate issued against foreign exchange received through remittance shall be payable abroad to the purchaser in foreign exchange, if so desired by the investor. For the purpose, the payable amount shall be converted into the desired currency at the official exchange rate prevailing at the time of conversion/payment.